Secrets of the Water

Εmotions Laboratory..

Water is both the subject and the basic material of my new painting work.

As a solvent it becomes one with the colors, pigments, it penetrates into the paper structure, the wood, the canvas. As humidity, with a delicate structure, spread on white surfaces, it embraces things and forms, engaging all and gives them life, it stains and discolors, dissolves,
adds, subtracts. It thickens, dilutes and is being diluted.

Water listens, it has memory, it records. It is a mirror, and promoter of feelings and thoughts.

According to Dr Masaru Emoto, in his book “The Secret Message of Water”, water changes its crystal structure based on what happens in the environment, listening, reading, feeling. The importance that has been given to it by all religious traditions is of no coincidence. Considering that man is composed mostly of water, we understand the power of its transformations inside us. If we also think that the act of painting is the means, the medium according to Aristotle, we can understand how it can be matched with the colors as well as with the mood and feelings of the creator, and becomes the invisible agent that helps the material to express, to reveal, to make visible all the emotions.

On the other hand, water has an impressive visible presence in our world. It is the endless sea and the lakes and rivers, the ravines, the streams. It is the icy mountains, the rain and snow. We sail over it, it connects the most remote areas of an entire planet. It becomes mist and dew. Springing from the depths of the mountains, running from taps, it is stored in jugs, bottles, tanks and containers. It shimmers in tree leaves and grass, reassuring and enigmatic, source and carrier of life.

My new work is a series of experiments with water. A mental laboratory, trying to capture through color, water’s secret messages and emotional responses.”