Flying in Silence

Time Stops
waiting for me.
Into the void,
all it’s dreams
are fulfilled.

I draw in a very spontaneous way, with an unusual system which I have come up with in order to fit the whole world on the canvas. I gather all perspective lines, curl them around, let them loose, expand them and create a flexible space which includes everything and brings it together. It’s a personal type of perspective, that wouldn’t help anyone represent the world but rather organize it in ones own unique way.

Everything I paint looks like a wandering affair of emotions. And the person who watches externally and wonders what all this is suddenly realizes it all exists and he must just bring it to life. He then runs through the threshold of reality, slithers into houses with dark windows, lying on deserted terraces and steep rocks, diving in dangerous waters, climbing, traveling to nowhere with a boat. Suddenly he understands he is important in this world, he is his third dimension, the depth of the patchwork.

I like to play around in absolute silence.
Reserved to myself I paint and things have a different importance, meaning and dimension.

Closed in my art-room, I open up to the world’s countryside. I wander silently over landscapes.